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Rotary Lombardi Award Committee

Rotary Lombardi Award Committee

The History of the Rotary Lombardi Award and the connection to the Rotary Club of Houston

Just weeks after Coach Vince Lombardi’s death in 1970 from colon cancer, the Rotary Club of Houston was authorized by Vince Lombardi’s widow, Marie, to establish the Rotary Lombardi Award, an annual honor which not only recognizes the nation’s best collegiate lineman but which also celebrates the memory of football’s greatest coach. As stipulated by Mrs. Lombardi, net proceeds from the Award activities are contributed to Cancer Research and children who cannot afford treatment to fight the disease that claimed the life of Coach Lombardi. Since the award’s inception in 1970, millions of dollars has been raised to help programs of cancer research, public education and direct services to cancer patients.

Virtual Tour of RI Headquarters

Virtual tour of Rotary International Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA. Fall 2020.

Go Organics for Peace

Spencer Leung, 2013 peace fellow and founder of Go Organics, Ltd., talks about the organization’s mission to build peace by addressing income inequities through economic development.

Women Uplifting Women

Seven Women Centre is a nonprofit that offers fair-trade products and services. Stephanie Woollard, a member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and a former Rotary Peace Fellow, started the organization in 2006 to empower marginalized women in Nepal.

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